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Autoclaves & Sterilizers

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An autoclave "All autoclaves are sterilizers" is a pressure chamber that is used to sterilize equipment and supplies.
When these items are placed in the autoclave they are exposed to high-temperature steam

Autoclave means self-locking 



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Dry Heat Sterilizer
Valueklave 1730 Sterilizer - Tuttnauer
Autoclave, Sterilizer Unit - Tuttnauer 2340M
Statim 5000 G4 Cassette Autoclave - SciCan
$1,689.00, save 44%      $948.95
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
$5,171.00, save 29%      $3,694.95
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
Prestige Cassette Sterilizer - 2100
Rapid COX Dry Heat Sterilizer - 6 minute cycle
Manual Kwiklave Sterilizer - Tuttnauer 2540MK
Tuttnauer Autoclave/Sterilizer - Tuttnauer 2540M
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
EZ 10 Automatic Autoclave -Sterilizer - Tuttnauer
Large Capacity Sterilizer - Tuttnauer 3870EA
Large Capacity Manual Autoclave/Sterilizer - Tuttnauer 3870M
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
Call 877-772-3888 to Order
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