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MicroPrime Desensitizer - Zest Dental

MicroPrime Desensitizer - Zest Dental


MicroPrime desensitizer eliminates post-op sensitivity and discomfort from cervical erosions. Proven HEMA formulation reliably plugs tubules. Compatible with all total-etch bonding systems, cements and amalgam.

MicroPrime is now available in two formulations: original MicroPrime B, proven effective for nearly 10 years and new MicroPrime G, which is an equivalent formula to Gluma* - at a far lower price. MicroPrime G also serves as an ideal antimicrobial when used with self-etch adhesives. 

Use with Total-Etch bonding: 

  • Acid etch, wash & dry.
  • Apply MicroPrime & let sit in 10-20 sec.
  • Air dry and apply adhesive.

Use without bonding:

  • Apply MicroPrime to cut or cleaned dentin and let sit in 10-20 sec.
  • Air dry, apply composite or amalgam. 
  • With exposed root surfaces, results will be temporary.


  • Total-etch bonding agents
  • Provisional restorations
  • Amalgam & cemented restorations
  • Cervical erosions‚Äč
Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
MicroPrime G Gluma* equivalent formula, 35% HEMA, And 5% glutaraldehyde. 10ml bottle
90814 $109.98
save 15%
MicroPrime B 35% HEMA, flouride and benzathonium chloride. Gentle on the soft tissue. 10ml bottle
87001 $109.98
save 15%