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MD-ChelCream 19% ETDA - Meta Biomed

MD-ChelCream 19% ETDA - Meta Biomed

MD-ChelCream™ 19% EDTA Cream Easier Filing with Lubricating Action - Compare to RC Prep

  • Root canal preparation with files and reamers
  • Presence of calcifications in the canal
  • Narrow canals in posterior teeth
  • Smear layer removal
  • Removal of inorganic substances by chelation - EDTA-Ca2 
  • Easier filing with lubricating action
  • Produces the cleanest canal wall after smear layer removal
  • Deposit small amount in the canal orifice using the MD-ChelCream syringe.
  • Carefully pump into the canal with a fine file or reamer.
  • Re-apply MD-ChelCream when necessary or until cleaning and shaping is complete.
  • Rinse out MD-ChelCream by irrigation with sodium hypochlorite.
  • Use MD-ChelCream with discretion to prevent perforation
  • Avoid extrusion of the MD-ChelCream into the apex
  • Keep the syringe capped all the time
  • Store in temperature 10℃~ 25℃ - 50℉~ 77℉ 

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