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Implant Scaler - Nordent

Implant Scaler - Nordent

Nordent ImplaMate Implant Scalers, made from the same material as implant abutments, are designed to safely glide over all implant abutment surfaces. Solid titanium tips are thin enough to allow access in the tightest areas, while rugged enough to provide the performance of traditional scalers. ImplaMate implant scalers never need sharpening and can be sterilized by any method, for truly trouble-free maintenance. All tips are color-coded PURPLE for easy identification and to avoid mixing them with stainless scalers and curettes

Access to tight areas. Never need sharpening. Any sterilization method

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Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
#1-2 Langer Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISLN1-2 $46.95
#3-4 Langer Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISLN3-4 $46.95
#5-6 Langer Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISLN5-6 $46.95
#N67 Offset Sickle Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISN67 $46.95
#N137 Anterior Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISN137M $46.95
#204S Posterior Sickle Double Ended DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEIS204S $46.95
#5-6 Barnhart Curette Double Ended Universal DuraLite® ColorRings™
CEISBH5-6 $46.95