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Dr's Light Wireless Curing Light - Good Doctors

Dr's Light Wireless Curing Light - Good Doctors

High-Tech, High-Performance Wireless, LED Curing Light, Full Color Display and 6 Curing Modes

Specifications:  5 Seconds is all you need & enough for composite cure

  • High power 1600mW/cm²- +10%
  • Various curing program modes
  • Ergonomic design - gun type & pen type
  • Color LCD screen
  • Unique thermal control system
  • Long time use 
  • Warranty Terms: 18 Month limited warranty.

Program mode / Instruction:

Turbo mode - 1600mW/Cm2  : high Intensity.
Normal mode - 600mW/Cm2  : Intensity as halogen curing light.
High mode - 1200mW/Cm2   : Intensity as normal LED curing light.
Soft start mode - 0~1200mW/Cm2 : Intensity as gradually rise.

Six Curing Modes / Curing times:

1- Turbo mode / 5, 10, 20 seconds.
2- Normal mode / 10, 20, 30 seconds.
3- High mode / 10, 20, 30 seconds.
4- Soft Start mode / 20 seconds.
5- Pulse mode / 20 seconds.
6- Pulse Soft mode / 5, 10, 20 seconds.

Dentists can save chair time, because Dr's Light can do customized curing intensity as 1600Cm2, Intensity of Plasma Arc curing light and 650mW/Cm2, Intensity of halogen curing light.

Noticeable point:

Dentists can choose the time and power as your convenience.

Design of Dr's Light is ergonomic design to be adopted each strongpoint of Gun type, and Pen type. Dentists can not feel tiredness, even though use very long time.

Dentists can easily check operating state, because Full color LCD built in Display Window of Dr's Light.

Battery pack of Dr's Light is detachable type to be easily interchange.

Patient can not feel unpleasant feeling from Dr's Light to be made up for the weak points of any noise, heat wind

Be able to use more than 400 times by High mode after full charged.
Be able to use more than 1,000 times by Normal mode after full charged.

Be able to polymerize all kinds of materials to be tested by Good Doctors Co.,Ltd

Light probe specification and size:

Various Light Probe- Included 8mm
Turbo Light Probe - 8 mm: Turbo Light Probe for normal curing with strong power. - Included
Narrow Light Probe - 3.3 mm: Narrow Light Probe
forinside of root canal or proximal surface. - Option
Wide Light Probe - 11 mm: Wide Light Probe to irradiate wide surface at one time. - Option

  • Battery type: 3.7V Lithium ion
  • Volts: 100 to 220V
  • Charge aspect:  Red light on : On charge / Green light on : full charge
  • Durability of LED: 100,000 hours
  • Voltage and electricity- V/Hz:  3.7V
  • Consist of:  Handpiece, Charger, Adapter, Battery pack, Light Probe- 8mm Anti glare shield, Manual

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Curing Light Unit
9018.49.8000 $769.95
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Turbo Guide tip
9018.49.9008 $149.95
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Guide tip 11mm
9018.49.9011 $139.95
Battery for Dr's Light
9018.49.900B $124.95
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Anti-glare Shield
9018.49.900A $19.95