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Digital X-Ray Positioner & Aligner - Dentazon

Digital X-Ray Positioner & Aligner - Dentazon

DXPA: Less-pain digital x-ray sensor positioner and aligner

DXPA significantly reduces patient's oral discomfort while using digital x-ray sensors. The DXPA comes with 2 uniquely designed autoclaveable silicone covers and 1 bite wing cover which can be autoclaved - recommended temp. - 125°C. The DXPA delivers reliable results for both anterior and posterior digital x-ray images.


  • Reduces patient's oral discomfort
  • Excellent sensor protection
  • Compatible with 89% of all sensors - Schick, Suni, Sirona, Vatech, Eva, Toshiba, E2V, Acteon ... etc.
  • Perfect for both anterior and posterior teeth
  • All the parts are 100% autoclaveable at 125°C
  • Silicone sensor covers are available in 2 sizes - size1 / 2
Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
size 1 model#41S10 fits Suni
41S10 $98.95
size 2 model #41S20 fits Suni
41S20 $98.95
size 1 model #49S10 fits Schick, Vatech, Sirona Xios, Toshiba,Visiodent RSV, Owandy Dsx 730 and Progeny Dental MPSe
49S10 $98.95
size 1.5 model #49S15 Vatech
49S15 $98.95
size 2 model #49S20 fits Vatech, Sirona XIOS, Toshiba and Visiodent RSV
49S20 $98.95