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Denfil Flowable Composite (Vericom)

Denfil Flowable Composite (Vericom)


Compare toRevolution Formula 2 (Kerr) and Filtek Supreme Flowable (3M)

Light-Cured Radiopaque Flow able Composite Resin has a low shrinkage and good mechanical properties

  • DenFil is a light cured radiopaque flow able composite resin, which has a low shringkage and good mechanical properties.
  • DenFil designed to provide optimum flow ability and handling can restore narrow deep cavity as well as cervical area.
  • Denfil containing micro-hybrid fillers provides excellent color adaptability, Nature-like esthetics and High-gloss polish ability.
  • Vericom has supplied two other distinct grades besides universal viscosity type for the limited clinical application.


  • Restorations of class III, Class V, Smaller Class IV
  • Base/liner in the Class I, Class II restorations
  • Repair of resin, porcelain, and acrylic temporary materials
  • Pit and fissure sealant
  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations
  • Undercut blockout

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Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
A1 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-A1Kit $36.95
save 47%
A2 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-A2Kit $36.95
save 47%
A3 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-A3Kit $36.95
save 47%
A3.5 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-A35Kit $36.95
save 47%
B1 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-B1Kit $39.95
save 43%
B2 Sys Kit: 4 x 2gm each
FR102-B2Kit $39.95
save 43%