Unitek Crowns

Unitek Stainless Steel Crowns are prefabricated and meet both adult and pediatric needs. These performed crowns are a viable method of single-unit temporization for both short and long term coverage 

  • Easy to customize 
  • Shallow occlusal anatomy means less tooth reduction 
  • Thick occlusal surface to help prevent bite-through 
  • Parallel walls allow for operator fit control 
  • Pre-trimmed to optimum length and contour to save placement time


Stainless Steel Primary Anterior - Central Crowns - 3M ESPE-Unitek
Stainless Steel Primary Anterior - Lateral Crowns - 3M ESPE-Unitek
Stainless Steel Primary Cuspid Crowns - 3M ESPE-Unitek
Unitek Primary Anterior Crowns - 3M ESPE
$44.10, save 25%      $32.99
$44.10, save 25%      $32.99
$44.10, save 25%      $32.99