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SureStop Hemostatic Dressing (Impact)

SureStop Hemostatic Dressing (Impact)

Compare to Gelfoam,  


Sure Stop is a sterile soluble hemostatic dressing made up of oxidized regenerated cellulose derived from plants.  Sure Stop Hemostatic Dressing  quickly transforms into a viscous gel when it makes contact with blood and exudate.  Sure Stop fills wound voids, seals capillary ends and activates the clotting system to help stop bleeding.



  • Coagulates the blood faster than our competition
  • Reduced sensitivity issues (6.4 pH)
  • Safe for Children
  • Reduces Dry Socket Rate by 95%
  • Works on patients taking anticoagulants
  • Reduces infection (Bacteriostatic Gram +  and Gram –)



  • Lowest cost per application
  • Significantly reduces waste factor
  • Reduces prep time
  • Pre-cut dental applications


      • Bacteriostatic benefits


 • Faster time to hemostasis 

 • Can be used with anticoagulants

 • Price – SureStop will save you money – a better value

 Dental Professional Advantages:

  • Better Patient Outcomes
  • No reschedule or reduced patient revisits, thus more new patient opportunities
  • Infection reduction due to its bacteriostatic gram + and gram – properties
  • Reduces Dry Socket Rate by 95%
  • Reduced sensitivity issues (6.4 pH)
  • Decreased costs due to reduced waste factor
  • Minimize chair time per patient
  • Decreased or no negative comments on Social Media                                                          




• No Adverse Reactions

• Does not cause pain or thermal injury.

• Does not pose threat to medical personnel and requires minimal training for effective use

• Water Soluble for effective bio-absorbability

• Rapid hemostatic effect

• Promotes moist wound healing  

• SAFE- Plant based cellulose; No animal or human derivatives 

• Easy to use, conforms well to irregular surfaces. Easy to remove 

• Rapidly clots blood under anti-coagulate agent per invitro procoagulant test

• Bacteriostatic against gram + and gram - microorganisms                                                          


Multiple Applications


• US Military

• Emergency & Trauma

• Dental

• Hemodialysis Center

• Sports Medicine


• Wound Care

• Cath Lab

• Dermatology


FDA 510(k) approved medical device





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Size: 0.76" x 0.76" (1.9cm x 1.9cm) 20/Box
SSSBG-D $54.95