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SDS Summit Dental System

Since 1986, Summit Dental Systems (SDS) has been an internationally recognized manufacturer of high quality, and affordable dental equipment. Summit Dental System's line of products includes hydraulic and electro-mechanic dental, hygiene, and orthodontic chairs, operating lights, delivery systems, assistant's instrumentation, and operating stools. 

To provide innovative solutions to the dental field through economically priced dental equipment that is consistent in quality and value.



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Ortho Electro-Mechanic Package - 1 (SDS)
Ortho Hygienist Package - 2 (SDS)
Daytona Operatory Package (SDS)
Hygiene Package Biscayne E.L. (SDS)
Ortho Electro-Mechanic Package - 2 (SDS)
Ortho Electro-Mechanic Package - 3 (SDS)
Ortho Fixed Base Package - 1 (SDS)
Ortho Fixed Base Package - 2 (SDS)
Ortho Fixed Base Package - 3 (SDS)
Ortho Hydraulic Package - 1 (SDS)
Ortho Hydraulic Package - 2 (SDS)
Ortho Hydraulic Package - 3 (SDS)
Ortho Hygienist Package - 1 (SDS)
Palm Beach Operatory Package (SDS)
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