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SigmaGraft is an American manufacturer of dental and orthopedic biomaterials used in bone regeneration. SigmaGraft is committed to providing innovative solutions for bone graft surgeries. The bone graft materials are used as medical devices and biomaterials in dental and orthopedic implant surgeries. These procedures foster new bone growth in regions of loss caused by injuries or diseases.

SigmaGraft specialize in two types of grafting material. The first is a xenograft product that consists of anorganic bovine bone. The second is synthetic bone graft products that are available in two forms, Biphasic Calcium Phosphate and β-tricalcium Phosphate.

SigmaGraft also produce synthetic raw bio-ceramic materials such as hydroxyapatite (HAp), beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP), and biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) for various bone graft applications.

Made in USA


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InterOss Bone Graft Syringe Type - SigmaGraft
InterOss Bone Graft Vial Type - SigmaGraft
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