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Screws for Biomechanics Veltri Patented - Leone

Screws for Biomechanics Veltri Patented - Leone

Made of biomedical stainless steel, they represent a concrete answer to many therapeutic problems. Bilateral sagittal screw: getting distal, mesial and sagittal expansion movements in the treatment of Class II and Class III malocclusions. Monolateral screw: getting distal, mesial, expansion or contraction movements of a single tooth. Optimal movement and anchorage control due to the tripod rest. Rotary screw: it induces a mesial movement on one side and a distal movement on the other side.

Arm bending instrument
for expanders
Ideal to bend the expander arms with
ease and precision.








Instrument for endoral activation

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
Bilateral sagittal screw body 15mm
A0629-11 $41.95
Monolateral screw body 12mm *** Discontinued ***
A0626-08 $0.00
Out of stock
Monolateral screw body 15mm, *** Discontinued ***
A0626-11 $0.00
Out of stock
Rotary screw body 12mm, *** Discontinued ***
A0627-08 $0.00
Out of stock
Arm Bending Instrument for Expanders
P1620-01 $19.95
Instrument for Endoral Activation
P1621-00 $21.95
Bilateral sagittal screw body 12mm, *** Discontinued ***
A0629-08 $0.00
Out of stock