ResiLute - Pulpdent

ResiLute - Pulpdent



Dual Cure - Fluoride Release - Radiopaque

For permanent cementation of all metal castings, crowns, onlays veneers and for bonded amalgam restorations.

  • Available in both universal and clear shades
  • Mixes easily to the preferred flowing consistency
  • Light cure and self-cure

Oxygen inhibition provides long working time on the mixing pad.OxOut oxygen inhibiting gel is provided with the ResiLute kit. Place OxOut over ResiLute at the margins to prevent the formation of an oxygen-inhibited layer.


Physical Properties:
Film Thickness: 15 microns
Niminal Particle Size: 0.7 microns
Percentage of Filler: 68.2%
Color: available in universal and clear shades
Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
Clear Shade Kit, Contains: 4gm base + 4gm catalyst
RES-U $54.95
Universal Shade Kit, Contains: 4gm base + 4gm catalyst
RES-C $54.95