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ProChek® S Steam Sterilization Integrators - Certol

ProChek® S Steam Sterilization Integrators - Certol
Multi-parameter internal chemical indicator strip designed for use inside pouches, cassettes and packs. Sensitive chemicals in the ink react to the penetration of steam and heat and provide verification that the contents of the package have been exposed to the sterilization process.

Meets CDC Requirements for Internal Process Integrators:
• Multi-parameter monitoring strip.
• Special ink resists color change until fully exposed to steam and heat over time.
• More reliable indicator inside thick surgery packs and large cassettes.

Easy to Interpret:
• Dramatic color change from yellow to purple when sterilization conditions are met.

Monitor Sterilization Conditions Between Weekly Spore Tests:
• Use in every load as a component of sterilization quality assurance.
• Immediate results at end of cycle provide early indication of problems.
• Identifies “cold spots” or problems with steam penetration inside large, thick packs.
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Stam Sterilization Integrators-100/box
TSI440 $49.99