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PrepStart Air Abrasion Cavity Prep - Zest Dental

PrepStart Air Abrasion Cavity Prep - Zest Dental

PrepStart Air Abrasion Cavity Prep - Zest Dental

The Prepstart offers a maximum of patient comfort with injections rarely needed. The crisp on/off control and easily set abrasive flow assures an even, precise cut. Multiple tip sizes allow rapid cutting at low pressures for maximum patient comfort. Adjustable pressure and powder flow allow settings from rapid cutting to stain removal. The Prepstart™ offers a maximum of patient comfort with injections rarely needed. PrepStart is a great practice builder.

Discover the advantages of air abrasion over high-speed handpieces

The PrepStart Air Abrasion System is ideal for small Class I to VI composite restorations, as well as for surface preparation before bonding, and even stain and cement removal. Highly rated by a leading clinical research center, PrepStart offers all the performance and control of more expensive systems.

  • Fully adjustable flow and pressure controls.
  • Three optional tip sizes and contra angles.
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight, and portable.
  • Built-in three-stage air filtration.

PrepStart offers these advantages:

  • Treat multiple quadrants in one visit.
  • Treat upon diagnosis without anesthesia.
  • Preserve healthy tooth structure with earlier, more conservative treatment.
  • Achieve superior bonds by abrading prior to acid etch or sealant placement.
  • Eliminate drill vibration, heat, and noise.
  • No micro-fracturing of enamel.

Installation is as easy as quick-connecting into your existing compressed air system—no technician required. Base measures 6-1/2"W x 9"L x 5-1/2"H. Weighs only 4-1/2 lb. System includes:

  • (1) Base unit with foot pedal control
  • (2) Autoclavable handpieces with a hose
  • (1) Autoclavable 80° angle nozzle with 0.015" opening
  • (1) Autoclavable 80° angle nozzle with 0.019" opening
  • (1) 1 lb bottle of 27-micron white aluminum oxide particles
  • (1) 1 lb bottle of 50-micron white aluminum oxide particles
  • all the nozzles can be used with either micron the difference will be how much and how precise the area affected will be.

    The larger the number the greater the size of the hole itself so the .019 is going have be a larger diameter size then the .015 letting more material through.

One year warranty.

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
PrepStart w/ Foot pedal installation kit, handpiece & nozzle kit aluminum oxide 27 & 50 micron video of clinical use, 1 year warranty. Bonus Restorative Kit: StarFlow Flowable Composite, MicroPrime, Caries Finder, 2 Disposable Mirrors & Sure Etch.
200259 $2,898.95
save 23%
Handpiece Kit 1
200628 $129.95
save 7%
.015 Tip (80 degree) 3pk
186937-01 $264.95
save 12%
.019 Tip (80 degree) 3pk
186934-01 $264.95
save 12%