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RAPiD Positioning System for Film and PSP Plates - Flow X-Ray

RAPiD Positioning System for Film and PSP Plates - Flow X-Ray

RAPiD™ Positioner For accurate x-rays, nothing beats the RAPiD system! Our RAPiD is the original color-coded film positioner.

RAPiD bite blocks feature rounded corners and are flexible for easy loading and unloading.

And our tabs ensure your film or PSP plates won’t fall out during x-rays.

Color-coding makes assembling the correct positioner quick and easy and RAPiD is autoclavable for over 100 uses.

RAPiD is a right angle positioning device that assures correct film/cone alignment and prevents “cone cutting”.

It can be used for anterior, posterior, and bite-wing x-ray exams using any brand and size - 3,2,1, and 0 of dental film.

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
(1) Anterior & Bite Wing Aiming Ring
408590 $7.88
(1) Posterior Aiming Ring
408600 $7.88
(1) Posterior Stainless Steel Arm
408580 $28.88
Bite-Wing Blocks, Size #0/1 Horizontal, 6/pkg
409330 $11.88
(1) Bite Wing Stainless Steel Arm
409270 $22.88
Endodontic X-Ray Positioner Kit: (2) Aiming Rings, (2) Indicator Arms, & (2) Bite-Blocks
40303 $21.88
Sensibles Universal Sensor Holders, Medium Bite-Blocks, 12/pkg
40909 $49.88
Sensibles Universal Sensor Holders, Large Bite-Blocks, 12/pkg
40910 $49.88