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Pac-Dent International, Inc. offers the highest quality of dental products on the market today. Since 1992, we have provided superior services and products to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. Our continual commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as one of the best dental product manufacturers and wholesale dealers in the area.

At Pac-Dent International, Inc., you receive the kind of quality and service you expect from a leader. Our company is always evolving as the needs or our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. Working with Pac-Dent International, Inc., you will enjoy the latest services, newest technologies and developments in the industry.

Quality has always been our primary goal. We always work closely with our customers to ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality at the lowest possible prices. We are committed to your savings and success.


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ProAngle Prophy Angles (Pac-Dent)
ProMate™ Hygiene Prophy Handpiece (Pac-Dent)
FG Carbide Burs (Kerr)
ProLase Soft Tissue Diode Laser (Pac-Dent)
$433.80, save 13%      $378.95
$4,294.50, save 12%      $3,798.98
Sterile Mini 90 (Pacdent)
C&B Prompt Temp (Pac-Dent)
Mixpac T-Mixer Mixing Tips
ProSonic Air Scaler (Pac-Dent)
$104.95, save 10%      $94.95
$133.99, save 48%      $69.98
$36.15, save 17%      $29.95
Mixpac Colibri Mix Tips (Pac-Dent)
ProMate E Portable Hygiene Handpiece (Pac-Dent)
Autoclavable Endo Aid (Pac-Dent)
Brush Cups (Pac-Dent)
$542.50, save 19%      $439.98
Bur Cleaning Brush (Pac-Dent)
C&B Prompt 10-1 (Pac-Dent)
Cheek Retractors (Pac-Dent)
Composite Dispensing Gun (Pac-Dent)
$144.95, save 45%      $79.95
Crown Cutting Carbide Burs
Crown Preparation Carbide Burs
Delivery Tips (Pac-Dent)
Dental Key Chains (Pac-Dent)
Digital Sensor Sheaths (Pac-Dent)
Dynamic Green Mixing Tips (Pac-Dent)
Dynamic Red Mixing Tips (Pac-Dent)
Dynamic Teal Mixing Tips (Pac-Dent)
$49.00, save 41%      $28.95
Endo Carbide Burs (Pac-Dent)
Endo Diamond Burs (Pac-Dent)
Endo Irrigation Combo Kit (Pac-Dent)
Endo Ruler (Pac-Dent)
Ergo Mini 90 Prophy Angle (Pac-Denta)
Evacu-N-Irrig Needle Tips (Pac-Dent)
FG Aluminum Bur Blocks (Pac-Dent)
Gingival Barrier (Pac-Dent)
Heat Sealers (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Deplaquer Polisher (Pac-Dent)
iBrite LED Bleaching unit V2+3 (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Paint-On Whitening pen (Pac-Dent)
$1,738.45, save 22%      $1,349.98
iBrite Salon - Spa Lip Retractors (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Salon Sponge Whitening Tray (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Take Home Tooth Bleaching Materials (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Take-Home Whitening Impression Tray (Pac-Dent)
IBrite Tooth Whitening Gel (Pac-Dent)
iBrite Tooth Whitening Pen (Pac-Dent)
iBrite V4 Protable Led Tooth Bleaching Unit (Pac-Dent)
iCure Cordless LED Curing Light (Pac-Dent)
$1,086.15, save 17%      $898.98
$449.00, save 15%      $379.98
ImplaKlean Implant Deplaquer - Scaler Set (Pac-Dent)
Impression Cartridges Connector (Pac-Dent)
iPiK Multi-Function Toothpicks (Pac-Dent)
iShield Disposable Face Shield (Pac-Dent)
$59.95, save 17%      $49.95
iVisor Visor & Shield Kit (Pac-Dent)
Kool White Take-home tooth whiteneing Materials (Pac-Dent)
Lip Retractors (Pac-Dent)
Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes (Pac-Dent)
$44.95, save 22%      $34.95
Minty Finger Tooth Wipes (Pac-Dent)
Mixpac Dispenser Gun - PacDent
Notched Irrigating Needle Tips (Pac-Dent)
Opti-Bite Bite Registration (Pac-Dent)
$29.95, save 23%      $22.95
OptiProbe Side Open Closed End Needle Tips (PacDent)
PacTemp Automix NE (Pac-Dent)
ProAngle Prophy Angles With Brush (Pac-Dent)
ProBlock Disposable Panoramic Bite Blocks (Pac-Dent)
Procore Dual Core Build-Up (Pac-Dent)
ProDose Disposable Tubes & Plugs (Pac-Dent)
Resin Spacer LC (Pac-Dent)
RootPro CL Endo Cordless Handpiece
$107.89, save 12%      $94.95
$895.00, save 22%      $694.95
RootPro Endo Motor - Apex Locator (Pac-Dent)
Silicon Napkin Holder (Pac-Dent)
Silicone Instrument Grips (Pac-Dent)
Stainless Steel Film Hangers (Pac-Dent)
Tooth Whitening Tray Retainer Box (Pac-Dent)
OptiFlow ll (Pac-Dent)
iMix Dynamic Cartridge VPS (Pac-Dent)
Ultra Impression Material VPS (Pac-Dent)
Bite Wing Tabs (Pac-Dent)
Aluminum Temp C&B Tray (Pac-Dent)
$40.00, save 6%      $37.79
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