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Molloplast-B - Buffalo

Molloplast-B - Buffalo

Permanently soft, silicone-based, heat-cured denture material. It can be used for construction of new dentures or for relining existing dentures.

MOLLOPLAST-B is an industry-leading heat-processed silicone material that stays soft permanently and features decades of documented success in denture reline cases.  The material bonds firmly to new or existing acrylic dentures, and stays elastic and bacterial free for years.

• New Microwaveable consistency offers updated, fast curing and added plaque inhibitors

• Convenient lab procedure for use with existing dentures or during construction of new dentures

• Indicated for improving comfort and fit of acrylic dentures, relieving pressure spots, steadying dentures, and attachment to existing dentition

• Primo ® Adhesive excellent for preparing existing acrylic for permanent attachment to MOLLOPLAST-B

• Lustrol® Polish in 1:1 mixing ratio creates protective glossy finish on final MOLLOPLAST-B surface

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