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Intra-X Automatic Processor (Velopex)

Intra-X Automatic Processor (Velopex)
  • Dry-To-Dry 4 Minutes; 2 Minute Archivable Endodontic for Intra X-Ray Dental Films only
  • Films viewed wet in 2 ½ minutes or dry in 5 minutes - archival in both cases
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy installation and requires no plumbing
  • Automatic processing
    The Velopex Intra-X is very easy to use.  Switch on, and the processing chemicals are brought to working temperature automatically.  Post the films through the entry slot in any order irrespective of size, and the machine develops them dry-to-dry in four minutes without further attention.

  • Unique film transport system
    The key to the processor’s performance and efficiency is the unique Velopex film transport system, which holds each x-ray film stationary and gently protected between two continuous permeable belts.  This well-proven system virtually eliminates the risk of film loss and ensures uniform exposure of the film to the chemicals for consistently excellent results.

  • Electronic machine management

    An electronic management system provides at-a-glance information on machine status.  The indicator panel shows when the unit is warming up, when it has reached operating temperature, and how long before a posted film will appear.  Audible signals advise that a film is safely within the transport system and that the next film can be inserted.  Self-diagnostics warn of any fault in the machine’s operation, displaying the relevant error codes to assist rectification.

    Stand-by mode
    A further audible signal announces that the final film has been processed, whereupon the Intra-X switches to stand-by mode, automatically maintaining the correct temperature for immediate further use.

  • DIMENSIONS: Width:290mm/11½”,  Height: 315mm/12½”, Depth: 635mm/25” with daylight loader & 435mm/17” without daylight loader.

 1 Year Warranty  

Compare to: Air Techniques Peri-Por Film Processor, Dent-X X 810 Film Processor

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
INTRA-X with out daylight loader
I/MAC2016F $1,694.00
save 15%
Daylight Loader Only
I/MAC6101F $229.95
save 34%
Intra-X Film Processor With Day Light Loader
save 12%