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Handpiece Repair

Are your handpieces being repaired to factory specifications by qualified maintenance technicians?


You could be losing time and money


We provide the highest quality Handpiece Repair in the market with warranties for all brands,


Athena, Bien Air, Kavo, Lares, Midwest, NSK, Nakamura, Palisades, Sirona, Star, W&H, and Yoshida. 


We will give you an estimate for your Handpiece when we get approval and payment from you, we will do our job and send you back your Handpiece with a written warranty. 



Free Shipping 

We offer Free Shipping using USPS or UPS Worldwide Express or FedEx.  

You can ship your Handpiece via US Postal service or another carrier to:



Dental Supplies, INC 

     3031 E. CORONADO ST STE D 

           ANAHEIM, CA 92806 


      TOLL FREE: 877 772 3888
            TEL: 714 632 8817

            Fax: 714 632 8821


General maintenance ideas:

  •  Use warm tap water to scrub the exterior of the handpiece. 

  •  Expel excess lubricant from handpiece by running it for 5 seconds after cleaning and lubricating.

  •  Use separate cans of lubricant before and after sterilization to prevent contamination.

  •  Clean both ends of the fiber-optic bundle with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

  •  Use autoclave bags and pouches with indicators to protect handpiece.

  •  DON’T immerse handpiece in water or chemical disinfectants/sterilants. 

  •  DON’T use any type of disinfectant on the handpiece. 

  •  DON’T sterilize handpiece with bur inserted. 

  •  DON’T exceed 275º F (135º C) in the autoclave. 

  •  DON’T dry heat or heat transfer sterilize. 

  •  DON’T operate handpiece without bur inserted in the chuck.  

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