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Elite® Double 32 - Zhermack

Elite® Double 32 - Zhermack

Elite® Double 32 Impression materials is a-Silicone for laboratory model duplication. Ideal for duplicating models and casting investments. Use of a plastic duplication flask is recommended. Available in apple green for better definition of detail 

Ideal for free expansion duplication technique with strong investments. - Total setting time 20:00 minutes - Shore-A 32 final hardness - Extreme flowability - Easier mixing due to 1:1 ratio between the base and the catalyst - Compatibility extended to all gypsums, polyurethane resins, investment materials, and acrylic resins.


    * Mixing facilitated by the 1:1 base to catalyst ratio
    * High fluidity
    * Absolute precision for faithful reproduction of detail
    * Dimensional stability over time and non-deformability, allowing a number of duplications to be made
    * Compatible with all plasters, polyurethane resins, phosphate investments and acrylic resins


    * Specific for its 32 Shore A hardness
    * Balanced formula for an ideal relationship between hardness and elasticity
    * Maximum precision in the duplication of composite prosthesis and when using conometry
    * Apple green colour

It is advisable to use Tensilab to reduce the formation of bubbles and reproduce more accurate detail.

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Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
Standard Pack Apple Green 1x 1 kg tub base / 1x 1 kg tub catalyst (4.4 lbs total)
C400833 $119.98
save 17%
Econo Pack Apple Green 1x 5 kg tub base / 1x 5 kg tub catalyst (22 lbs total) -- This item is discontinued by the manufacturer ---
C400841 $488.88
save 22%
Out of stock