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Denfil Etching Gels (Vericom)

Denfil Etching Gels (Vericom)

Semi-Gel Type Phosphoric Acid

  • The strong point of this etchant is thickened with natural polymer materials so that it does not leave any white residues on the surface of etched tooth like silica thickened etchant (such as Vista Etchant); the white residues reduce the bonding strength.
  • The numbers mean the concentration of phosphoric acid.


  • A Semi-gel type designed for easy etching work where you want it.
  • Use of food-grade materials
  • Fast effect and easy removement.
  • Leave no residues on the surface of etched tooth like silica thickened etchants.
  • Directions for use

    • Step 1
      Apply etchant and wait for 15 seconds after applying.
    • Step 2 
      Rinse with air / water spray remove all traces of etchant.
    • Step 3 
      Dry and observe the chalky appearance of etched surface.
    • Step 4 
      Repeat steps 1 ~ 3 if desired.

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Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
12 Sys x 3ml each with 72 Pre-bent tips


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Kit: 4 Sys x 1.2ml each with 72 Pre-bent tips
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