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Denfil light-cure composite capsules - Vericom

Denfil light-cure composite capsules - Vericom

Compare toFILTEK™ Z250 - Capsules  XRV™ Herculite® Unidose - Kerr and Clearfil Majesty Esthetic - Kuraray

Light-Cured Restorative Micro Hybrid Composite Resin to Filte

  • Denfil is a light-cured restorative micro hybrid composite resin for use in both Posterior and Anterior restorations.
  • It is designed for minimizing polymerization shrinkage by inorganic fillers high loading, thus Denfil has excellent marginal sealing and surface texture.
  • By adopting optimal polymerization initiator system, DenFil has high strength and abrasion resistance.
  • As Denfil contains radio-opaque filler, any diagnosis using X-ray is convenient.
  • Also it has optimal viscosity for restoration, Denfil shows excellent workability.


  • Restorations for Posterior and Anterior
  • Core Build Up
  • Splinting
Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
A1 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RA11 $27.99
save 53%
A2 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RA22 $27.99
save 53%
A3 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RA33 $27.99
save 53%
A3.5 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RA35 $27.99
save 53%
A4 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RA44 $27.99
save 53%
B1 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RB11 $27.99
save 53%
C2 Capsule Refill Shade (20x.25g)
DF205-RC22 $27.99
save 53%