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Dentastic - PulpDent

Dentastic - PulpDent

Dentastic - PulpDent

Take the Mystery Out of Dental Adhesives

Basic Rules for Using DenTASTIC All-Purpose

Dual Cure - Hydrophilic 

  1. Etch or sandblast surfaces, as indicated - tin plate high precious alloys for superior results.

  2. Prime dentin and enamel with DenTASTIC Adhesive Primer  A + B.

  3. Prime metals with DenTASTIC Adhesive Primer C + B

  4. Prime Porcelain with Silane Bond Enhancer

  5. Place Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent over DenTASTIC and Silane - when using an opaquer or when bonding new amalgam, Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent is not required.

  6. Place restorative composite or resin cement over Unfilled Resin.

  7. For bonding to dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and non-precious metal and amalgam.

    This 4th generation adhesive system offers a light cure and self-cure options. The adhesive primer and resin bonding agent are separate components.

    Patented chemistry features PMGDM technology with the magnesium salt of NTG-GMA, which provides higher bond strengths than the older PMDM formulas.

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
6 mL Primer Part A, Dentin/Enamel Initiator
DASP-A $57.98
save 17%
6 mL Primer Part B, Universal Base
DASP-B $46.98
save 22%
6 mL Unfilled Resin Bonding Agent Part 1, Base, light activated
DASP-1 $37.98
save 37%