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Cytoflex Tefguard Membrane - Unicare

Cytoflex Tefguard Membrane - Unicare
  • CytoFlex® is a non-resorbable membrane for use as a space-making barrier in guided tissue regeneration procedures.

  • Composed of a proprietary micro porous polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE thin film,

  • CytoFlex® has a surface texture and porosity suitable for adhesion of host cells to the material while preventing passage and integration of bacteria within the interstices of the material.

  • The supple membrane conforms easily to tissue contours, and yet offers sufficient stiffness to maintain a space over the bony defect.

  • The smooth, micro-texture surface is designed to improve flap attachment but prevent tissue and bacteria ingrowth.

  • FDA has approved Cytoflex® for use as a barrier membrane in the treatment of periodontal defect using guided tissue regeneration procedures.

  • Each CytoFlex® membrane is double pouched and provided sterile

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Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
12mm x 24mm, 5/Pkg
C01-0305 $164.98
save 28%
25mm x 30mm, 5/Pkg
C01-0105 $205.98
save 28%