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Contact Matrix System - Zest Dental

Contact Matrix System - Zest Dental

Contact Matrix makes tight contacts easy! Contact Matrices are contoured to restore the natural anatomy. Proximal finishing is greatly reduced or eliminated. 
Mega Grip Forceps has strong serrated jaws for easy matrix removal. Contact Matrices are unique in their resilience. Competitor’s matrices often crush during placement. Contact Matrices are also available in a stiffer version for use with condensables and amalgam, or dead-soft like the competitors. All Contact Matrices have the ideal contour for a perfect restoration.

MegaRings make perfect, tight contacts even easier. They apply the greatest force and resist deformation to keep their strength. Application is easy as ever, with the same forceps. Design allows easy ‘stacking’. Converging tines prevent ‘pop-offs’ and the widest tines in the market to span the widest preps. 

MegaRings are made of a unique, ultra ‘springy’ alloy and also features a graduated, higher profi le towards the back of the ring. This is engineered to spread the force of bending over the entire arch of the ring.

Contact Rings hold the matrices in place and cause the teeth to spread apart, creating tight, reliable contacts. The wide blades on the contact rings span wide preps where competitive brands fall in. Rings are also easily stacked for multiple proximals. Converging tines prevent pop-offs.

Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
Trial Kit Contact Rings, 1 Inward & 1 OutwardThin Flex Matrices (50 Small & 50 Large)
90066 $68.88
save 14%
Clinical Kit Contact Rings, 3 Inward & 3 OutwardThin Flex Matrices (100 Small & 100 Large)
89388 $148.88
save 15%
Ring Refill 2 Inward
89419 $27.88
save 20%
Ring Refill 2 Outward (gold)
89507 $27.88
save 20%
Ring Refill 1ea
88038 $26.88
save 23%
Thin Flex Matrices/Small 100/pk
89432 $48.88
save 30%
Thin Flex Matrices/Large 100/pk
89434 $48.88
save 30%
Ultra Thin Flex Matrices/Small 100/pk
91139 $58.88
save 16%
Ultra Thin Flex Matrices/Large 100/pk
91074 $58.88
save 16%
Stiff Flex Matrices/Small 100/pk
90070 $48.88
save 30%
Stiff Flex Matrices/Large 100/pk
90071 $48.88
save 30%
Subgingival Matrices 50/pk
90679 $48.88
save 30%
Clinical Kit Plus: clinical kit with ring pliers and mega grip forcepts
89439 $264.88
save 11%