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Portable X-Ray Gun Type

Portable X-Ray Gun TypePortable X-Ray Gun TypePortable X-Ray Gun TypePortable X-Ray Gun Type

Cocoon Portable X-Ray Gun Type has enough power and handy weight to be used for both general treatment and operation.

Compare to NOMAD Pro 2 Portable X-Ray

When mobility is needed most frequently, x-rays are important as a progress check in many dental surgical operations. Moving a patient under anesthesia for a wall-mounted x-ray is not only inconvenient and time-consuming for the doctor, but risky for the patient. The Cocoon portable handheld x-ray device allows for true one-hand portable x-ray shots: as many as 500 shots before recharging. It is more efficient for dentists and oral surgeons, and the operator is also protected by advanced safety features. 


  • Tube Voltage: 70 kV
  • Tube Current: 2mA (external power) / 1.7mA (internal battery)
  • Tube Focal Spot Size: 0.4 mm
  • Power Consumption: 336 VA, 321VA
  • Cooling Method: Oil cooling method 
  • Total Filtration: Over 2.3 mm Al (inherent filtration: 1.0 mm Al) °
  • Target Angle: 12.5°
  • Exposure Time Range: 0.05-1.0sec
  • Exposure Time Interval Between the Exposure: 0.01sec
  • Distance to Target (distance between target & focal spot): 18cm (7 inch)
  • Body Dimension: 322(L) x 134(W) x 262(H) [mm]
  • Body Weight: 4.8 lb (back scattered shield excluded)
  • Battery: 16.8 V
  • Battery Exposure Capacity: 500 shots with full charged 
  • Voice guide pre recorded 
  • Narration for quick user training 
  • Wide UI screen


  • Lightweight, modern gun
  • Only 5 lbs 
  • Can take an x-ray as easy as you can take a selfie with one hand 
  • Cordless 
  • Convenient trigger & gun grip 
  • Allows "the true one-hand x-ray shot"
  • Digitized wide screen & easy & intuitive touch key function 
  • Customized preset of exposure time for different set positions 
  • Cordless, extremely portable 
  • Freely move rooms, locations & cities with one device 
  • Low radiation emittance 
  • Patented voice guide 
  • Provides caution to user for safety & operational guidance 
  • Quick guide verbal intro during first use 
  • Clear & pristine images with high-dentistry x-ray
  • Smaller focal spot for high density of x-ray 0.4
  • More power for clear images 
  • 70 kV tube voltage 
  • Biggest battery capacity 
  • Specially designed battery cell & safety circuit 
  • Advanced safety features 
  • Radiation leakage prevention technology
  • Lead-coated generator & cone prevents leakage radiation 
  • Back scatter shield for operator protection 
  • Trigger locking system to avoid unintentional exposure 
  • Voice guide at critical point to support operator from "on" to "off"
  • Narrative quick training for the first user 
  • Neckstrap for accident prevention & maximum comfort 
  • Care-free power charging with charging dock 
  • Always be ready to use with full charged battery 
  • Easy to clean with UV coating 

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