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Chemgon Fixer and Developer Disposal System - WCM

Chemgon Fixer and Developer Disposal System - WCM

Chemgon is a chemistry treatment and disposal product that renders used X-ray processing chemicals nonhazardous and safe for regular trash disposal.

Fixer/Developer Treatment & Disposal

When equal amounts of developer and fixer are drained into the 5 gallon Chemgon container, the liquid mixes with Chemgon’s special patented dry ingredient causing the contents to solidify. When full, simply throw the Chemgon container away with your normal trash.

Chemgon® - Renders used x-ray processing liquids non-hazardous, safe for regular trash disposal.

On the basis of Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures - TCLP Chemgon® treated x-ray fluids, photo processing fluids, and graphic arts chemicals are converted into a non-hazardous solid waste safe for regular trash disposal*.

Chemgon® converts hazardous liquids into non-hazardous solid waste.


California State Requirement: In order to use Chemgon in California the permit listed below is required.

  • To apply for a hazardous waste treatment permit or ‘Standardized Permit’ to treat hazardous silver fixer/activator waste in your office using Chemgon, generators located in California should visit the California Certified Unified Program Agency - CUPA directory here:


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5 Gallon (Each)
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