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Benacel Dental Dressing - Unicare

Benacel Dental Dressing - Unicare

BenaCel Resorbable, Dental Dressing, Plug for deep wounds biopsy sites and post extraction sockets

Benacel absorbable hemostatic gauze acts instantly to control bleeding. Upon contact with blood, BenaCel hemostat will absorb the blood and transform into a gelatinous material.

By applying gentle pressure, BenaCel hemostat will adhere to the wound, effectively sealing the capillary ends.

When placed in an extraction socket, the absorbable gauze forms a scaffold that facilitates blood clot formation, thus preventing dry sockets from forming. Made of purified oxidized regenerated cellulose.

BenaCel is indicated for use in many dental applications, including exodontias, alveoloplasty and periodondtal surgeries, to help achieve hemostasis.

Specs: Stops bleeding quickly, prevents dry socket formation, completely resorbable, non-allergenic and non-immunogenic.

For small oral lesions Including sores, ulcers, cuts, lacerations & abrasions of the oral mucosa. For oral surgical wounds Such as operative, postoperative, donor sites & traumatic injuries

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5mm x 7mm, Plug, 8/Pkg C-001
B01-0108 $32.98
15mm x 15mm, Sheet, 12/Pkg C-002
B01-0212 $46.98
50mm x 50mm, Sheet, 10/Pkg C-005
B01-0510 $59.98
6mm x 8mm, Plug, 8/Pkg C-003
B01-0308 $39.98
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