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Accolade PV Veneer Cement - Zest Dental

Accolade PV Veneer Cement - Zest Dental

Satisfy 95% of situations.

Accolade PV is a complete veneer application system designed by a major lecturer & clinician. Six shades included in the kit satisfy nearly all situations. 
Accolade is highly thixotropic so it adapts readily but does not slump. Excellent polish and wear resistance. Now with natural fluorescence and 0.7 micron filler. 
Revolutionary PV Try-In composites are the same composite with no photo initiator. They are optically the same as the cementing composites, but will not set. There is no need for full Try-In removal. PV Try-In composite provides a highly accurate shade match. Excess try-in cement is simply brushed off and the matching Accolade PV Composite is directly applied. Conventional water or glycerin based pastes are often not true to color and are a source of contamination and bond failure.

  • Revolutionary Try-In composites
  • Developed by leading clinician
  • Complete Kit with try-in and matching cementing composites, adhesive & silane
Accolade PV Composite: Translucent 5gms, Light 3gms, Extra Light 3gms, White Opaquer 3gms, Brown 3gms, & Yellow 3gms.
Accolade Try-in Pastes: Translucent 5gms, Light 3gms, Extra Light 3gms, White Opaque 3gms, Brown 3gms, & Yellow 3gms.
Prelude SE bonding system: "Prelude Adhesive.
SureEtch Gel: 37% phosphoric etchant.
S-Bond: prehydrolized silane yields bond strength with superior stability. 


Item No. Description Mfg. part # Price Qty
Kit W/Try-In Paste Contains: 4 - Composite and try-in pastes, (Translucent, Light, Extra Light, White Opaquer), 5gm-prelude adhesive & 5ml - S-Bond Silane, wells
91216 $589.95
save 16%
Veneer Translucent Shade Flowable 5gm. Sy.
90560 $89.95
Veneer Shade Flowable Light 3gm. Sy.
90561 $54.95
save 5%
Veneer Shade Flowable White Opaque 3gm. Sy.
90562 $54.95
save 5%
Veneer Shade Flowable Brown 3gm. Sy.
91231 $54.95
save 5%
Veneer Shade Flowable Yellow 3gm. Sy.
91232 $54.95
save 5%
Try-In Paste Translucent 5gm Sy.
91233 $68.95
Try-In Paste Light 3gm Sy.
91234 $54.95
save 5%
Try-In Paste X-Light 3gm Sy.
91235 $54.95
save 5%
Try-In Paste White Opaque 3gm Sy.
91236 $54.95
save 5%
Try-In Paste Yellow 3gm Sy.
91237 $54.95
save 5%
Try-In Paste Brown 5gm Sy.
91238 $54.95
save 5%